Hot Latex shape wear

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Thickness: Standard
Shapewear: Trainer Waist 
Control Level: Medium
Material: Polyester, spandex
Quality: High quality


This is high-quality Waist trainer, it can be worn on a daily basis. The more you wear shapewear the more your body adapts. Your body basically does whatever you hold for a long period of time. Your body will adapt to the position you stay in the longest day after day. In a brace, you're stretching the shortened chest muscles, and encouraging your back muscles to contract. We can adapt to a bad position or we can adapt to a good position.  It really just comes down to which position you're in the most.  make sure that you are always comfortable while wearing your corset.  If you're wearing clothing that feels uncomfortable or awkward, it will be harder to keep your corset on for the length of time you want to.