About Us


AweLady's mission is to be a point of reference for all women who are looking for their personal style, a way to be unique and to affirm their pride of smart women, seducers, and master of their destiny.

When I created this brand, I decided to provide an innovative answer to all women who dreamed of being unique and independent, of not being homologated within society and who did not want to be dressed in the same way.

The clothes, the shoes that you wear, the accessories, are one of the most immediate ways to affirm your identity as a woman and to show off your style and personality.

Being unique is difficult, and often fashion brands do not understand this need and tend to offer boring and not very creative clothes.

I could not tolerate this behavior, fashion is the home of creativity and is the best place to experiment, design new clothes, launch new trends, ideas, styles.

Fashion cannot exist if it's boring, it's a contradiction.

After all, I've always thought that life is too short to wear boring clothes, right?

I decided to create a new fashion brand, something new, innovative and that reflected my idea of fashion and creativity, my brand had to help women to stand up, to be finally independent and free to wear clothes that they really wanted, to be able to decide which accessories to buy and to give vent to creativity, to create their own personal style.

AweLady was born with this mission, to be the reference point of all women and to provide something different, quality products, economic, able to make the difference in every situation and to change the lives of women who wear them.

Maybe it's too ambitious? Perhaps it's too crazy?

Progress and innovation are achieved by doing crazy and ambitious things, becoming creative and challenging prejudices.

I like to consider AweLady as a fashion pioneer, a forerunner of giving people what they want, in providing freedom of expression.

AweLady is continually expanding, with new products and new agreements with partners who share our vision of the project and who have the desire to change the fashion industry forever.

I hope to have each one of you as a client and to help every woman to be free and independent if every product of AweLady manages to do this, then I will have achieved my goal and nothing will make me happier.

Every woman is unique, every woman deserves to be treated like a queen, every woman deserves AweLady!